Wednesday, April 1, 2009


is proud to present
For the first time in Second Life !

The BEST OF ITALIAN STYLE and PIAZZA ITALIA sims house under the same roof more than 40 SL Italian fashion designers. In a new effort to promote Italian fashion throughout SL, the BESTAR is organizing an extraordinary event: an itinerant fashion show with more than 20 Italian designers and 26 international top models.

In the next few weeks the show will touch several foreign lands showing Italian dresses, jewelry, and skins to an international public.

At the same time will be an opportunity for the Italian public to get to know these wonderful places and to promote collaboration and alliance among lands. Here are the lands part of our journey.

April 15, 2 pm SLTime, France 3D , FRANCE

April 18 The Japanese event, which is supported by As Know As Co. Ltd. a RL fashion house,

and SLTV, will be held in the "As Know As" sim, JAPAN.

April 22, 2 pm SLTime, BARCELONA Plaza Real, SPAIN

April 29, 3 pm SLTime - Bogart's Jazz Club & Shops, USA

May 6, 2pm SLTime - MODELX Dutch Beauty and Fashion, HOLLAND

The models chosen for these events after a very difficult selection process are : Mimmi Boa, Tabata Jewell, Veronica Krasner, EmeraldEyes Honi, Kate Stockholm, Olyvia Zenovka, Tesan Lane, Payton Heron, Kay Fairey, Flori Laval, Dahlia Joubert, Bourbon Zenovka, Sharron Schuman, LaBella Forcella, Poptart Lilliehook, Wenadrenia Soderstrom, Agtaope Carter, Chamonix Boudreaux, Ivyana Szondi, Krystanna Wycliffe, Linnda Scofield, Tiffany Dragonash, Rhonda Pennell, Maura Taurog. Male Models: Allenclive Beaumont, Jens Marksman, Phillip Dollinger, Salvo Waydelich.

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